What do you expect when you go to see a film that is the remake of a critically acclaimed film? I guess you feel assured that it will be at least tolerable. You know, since it has already been appreciated once it can’t be very bad. But Karan Johar will prove you wrong.
Agnipath is not a remake it is a complete devastation. Actually the film should be renamed “Lathpath” because apart from being literally so,  whenever Hrithik recites the famous lines of the marvellous poem written by late Harivansh Rai Bachchan, all you can make out is “lathpath, lathpath, lathpath”.
The film is a complete waste of time and energy. Sometimes you feel it is a compilation of mise-en-scene created by a group of film students and when you can actually hear the dialogues without being overwhelmed by the loud background score, you feel its bunch of one-liner advertisements. It is as if Karan Johar decided one day he’ll play Agnipath-Agnipath and then after doing a few emotional scenes and two glamorous songs he got bored and hired an action films fan to do the rest of the film.
There is no reasoning, no character development, no story-telling, -maybe Karan felt that Indian audiences are good enough to make up one on their own!!! Hrithik looks like an innocent home-less puppy who suddenly blows up with WWF muscles in the last scene. Oh! He is also a Don whose family comprises of hundreds of chawl dwellers. But when support is needed a group of eunuchs crop up with open swords.
Om Puri gets nothing to do in the whole film apart from debating the Home Secretary in a press-meet and occasionally counselling Hrithik. Rishi Kapoor apparently loses his mind when his screen son gets killed but the greatest praise is for Sanjay Dutt who keeps looking same after a time lapse of 15 years.
I fear, the underworld dons might sue Karan Johar for portraying them as mindless freaks who dress up in elegant raw-silk or wear sleeveless black jumpers and have Japanese tattoos all over their body.
The women in the movie keep screaming and crying or doing sexy numbers. What a waste of Chikni-Chameli!!! The song should be included  in another (at least sensible to some extent) movie.
God knows how much longer the Indian Audience will have to tread this AGNIPATH of meaningless flicks!!!
PS: Special hats off to the Indian Censor Board for giving this meaningless gory violent movie a U/A certification

3 thoughts on “AGNIPATH

  1. Red says:

    now this is one movie that you know you shouldnt be wasting your time on, but then again… how do you resist it!

  2. Red says:

    now this is one movie that you know you shouldnt be wasting your time on, but then again… how do you resist it!


    Is it directed by Karan ?or it is a their production ?directed by somebody else? Why Rithik ha sgone to the island for 1st time ? to check the strength of sanjay dutta? medical science should be written after this flim.

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